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The air force is a part of the military that specializes in protecting the aerospace of the country. In some countries, this group of brave men and women who have specialized in tactical and strategic protection of their countries are referred to as aerospace force. The air force of each country specializes in flying and handling and operating the most advanced aircraft and defense technologies.

However, most airmen and airwomen do not involve themselves in the flying of these aircraft. Instead, the percentage that does not have the opportunity or skill to fly work on the flight support like ensuring all engines of the plane are working, and the flight is safe to operate. They also handle base affairs, including protecting the bases where they stay. Others do riskier jobs like protecting missile sites and doing rescues while others are called upon to apply their skills in building airstrips where the planes can land. 

As a civilian, you may wonder the ranks of command in the air force. The air force is not so complex to understand, but it may take a while to get it right. In the air force, the air force men and women are divided into sections or flights which may be of the Alpha, Numbered or Functional type. A squadron which is formed from two or more flights is headed by the Squadron commander who is in the rank of the lieutenant general.

The squadron is the lowest level of command. Two or more squadrons further form a group which is constituted of squadrons that perform similar functions, supply or transportation for instance. A wing, which is next in rank, is formed by two or more groups. Note that in an air force base, there can only be one Wing. Wing commanders who are called Brigadier General hold the rank of 0-7 mostly. Even though the air force is part of the military, the air force men and women are less deployed compared to the soldiers, sailors, and marines.

The United States Air Force, like all other air forces, is one of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces (USAF) whose specialization is in the aerial and space welfare of the great United States of America. The five branches of the United States Armed Forces include the Air force, the Army, Coast, and National guards, Marine Corps and the Navy.

The five are then further categorized into three groups of those who work full time (reserve and coast guards) who usually work on day civilian jobs, the active duty, consisting of soldiers and sailors, and the veterans and retirees. 

The Army who are the most dominant force on land generally moves in and secure an area where there is unrest to instill peace and order before leaving it. It as well guards all installation and property of the US all over the world. The Coast Guard, on the other hand, which is made up of brave warriors guards every state as per the requirement of the constitution.

The Army National Guard is the only branch of the army that is actually provided for by the constitution and is required for every state. The Coast Guard does rescue missions, law enforcement and clears domestic waters while protecting its citizens. The Marine Corps who are best known for their rapid reaction in the hour of need are trained and skilled elite men and women prepared to fight by both land sea to protect the people. If you are not sure of your bravery, then this category is not for you as these people are always early to the party when prompted.

Finally, the navy has its playground in the sea and deep waters. This team secures and protects the waters and oceans to maintain peace and order in the country. While there is a whole lot to learn on the USAF, we understand you came to get knowledge of the US Air Force

What you need to know about the United States Air Force

History of United States Air Force

On the 18th September 1947, the air force became a separate independent service of the US Armed Forces after the National Security Act was successfully passed. It still remains the youngest of the service branches in the United States even though aerial components of war were deployed to work as early as World War 1. It was during the Second World War, however, that the Air Force was officially born under the leadership of Frank Roosevelt. As we talk, the air force is currently 72 years of age. 

The Air Force is headed by the president of the united states of America who is the commander in chief and has the responsibility of appointing the secretary of the air force upon recommendation by an able and unbiased senate. The president also has the responsibility of making all final decisions when any military branch is involved, such as declaring war. 

What is the work and function of the United States Air Force?

The United States Air Force is burdened with the responsibilities of controlling the air and atmosphere above them while acquiring intelligence through reconnaissance and surveillance. They also provide the ability to navigate the atmosphere when the need be and support combat missions through the air. 

Are there any rewards enjoyed by these servicemen and women?

Every 30 days in a year, airmen and women are allowed a fully paid leave to be with their loved one and friends. The Air Force also trains and educates their own to be qualified in handling these aircraft. The best part of this excellent training is that it is in a job so you will not have to live your job.

The United States Air Force is proud to say that it has produced two presidents who served in the air force and several celebrities such as Chuck Norris and Morgan Freeman who have at one point in their lives were part of the great team. You might also not be aware of the fact that the air force shares a birthday with the CIA. There is a lot to learn about the United States Air Force, but we would need more than a day to exhaust.

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