The Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date


The Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date, Teaser & News

One of the more popular shows on Netflix, The Last Kingdom, is apparently coming back for another season, making it the show’s 4th season overall.  In case you were unaware about the show and have no idea what it is about, this historical drama is based off of a novel series by Bernard Cornwell, that is known as The Saxon Stories.  While there has been some uncertainty on whether or not there would be a season 4, The Last Kingdom’s official Twitter page has confirmed that the show was renewed for at least one more season.  On top of that, there have also been various videos and images that have been posted to the shows official Instagram account, mostly of things that are happening behind the scenes.

According to some of these posts, it appears that the upcoming season 4 is going to be taking fans of the show back to where it all started, back to the beginning.  There have been several different teases posted showing production of the show on all of their official social media accounts, as well as some posts insinuating that they are currently shooting scenes at Bebbanburg, which is where Uhtred, the shows main character and hero has been trying to get back to as it is his home.

In case you have not been watching the show, Bebbanburg is the land that Uhtred’s uncle stole from him at the very beginning of the entire series.  Essentially, the show is about Uhtred winning back his original lands.  But the big question remains, will he finally be able to win back his lost lands?  Will he be able to retake his crown as ruler again?  Will he be able to avenge his family that was betrayed so badly by his uncle?

While there have been many fans who have speculated what is going to happen and come up with theories ever since it was announced that there was going to be a season 4, it is all just speculation and theories.  There have even been several different predictions on whether or not Uhter still has faith in himself to accomplish this feat in general.  If you would like to know whether or not Uhter is going to be able to get the vengeance that he so desires and win his lands back, the only way to do so is to watch the show as soon as it comes out.  And ever since Game of Thrones was ended, it appears that The Last Kingdom is going to take its place as the next most-watched show on television, potentially taking the throne that Game of Thrones was able to sit on for so long.

As for an actual release date for when The Last Kingdom Season 4 will be available to watch, it has not yet been released.  For that matter, any type of trailer has not yet been released either.  If you are a fan, all you can do until the new season is released is to re-watch the previous three seasons.

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